This is a brief outline of what we will be doing with the project. Items are subject to change as we further develop the project.

December 16

Meeting at SXSW, 2pm;

Over the break, review the SXSW schedule and our site. You must complete at least one preview that include interviews with participants and one “Where Are They Now?” profile  by the first meeting of the semester. You will be assigned sections from which to select your previews and names of past participants. I will give you access to our site, and you will be able to begin posting content in January. We can address any questions you have about these profiles during the first Skype on Jan. 17.

Start your own preliminary schedule.

You will also need to review our site and be prepared to make recommendations for any new items or coverage sxtxstate.com. Consider other features and elements you want to recommend.

In addition, work on your social presence over the break. More than what you shouldn’t do, what should you do to improve your social presence.

Jan. 17

6:30pm Skype – you will receive information about how to maximize the efficiency of our Skype meetings.

Advanced Readings/Material:

Discuss (Skype/Hangout)

  • General timeline
  • Site design ideas; About page photos and content
  • Initial previews
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Plan
  • Other ideas



Jan 24
We’re actually going to meet in person on Jan. 24 at 3:30pm in JCK 960 – with University Advancement and University Marketing. 


Advanced Readings/Materials

Jan. 31 – Skype

Website update – Dylan

Content schedule update – Rachel

Advanced Readings/Material:



Feb. 7

Site Launch – tonight

Social Strategy Update – Jordan and Breanna

Content schedule update – Rachel

Evrybit evaluation – Charles

Advanced Readings/Material:


Feb. 14

Video Project update – Charles

Social Promotion Ideas – Jordan

Advanced Readings/Materials:


PewDiePie Just Showed Every Brand Why Influencers Are Dangerous
Apple Reality Show?
Elon Musk Says We Must Become Cyborgs To Interface With Artificial Intelligence
Political Issues Take Center Stage at SXSW
4 Keys to SXSW from an Expert
With Uber gone, Boston Co Gets Key SXSW Contract


Other SX Events – Taco Party March 13, Awesomest Journalism Party, WJChat meetup, Innovation Awards, March 14.

Feb. 21

More Evrybit discussion

Featured Speakers:

SXSW Everything from Texas Monthly Feb. 2015

Let’s review the final report from last year – find sxtxstate16_wrapup-final.pdf under Resources on TRACS.


Feb. 28

Innovation Lab Update – Sara

Getting your Schedule Ready – The Schedule and the SXSW Go App;



March 7


Final plans for the event!

Plans for Thurs meetup. – 6pm at Convention Center.

Info for attending (sxsw_info.pdf); find on TRACS.



March 9

Evening 6pm – Preliminary meetup to discuss plans; meet downtown at Convention Center/badge pickup

March 10-14 SXSW!

  • Awesomest Journalism Party,  Sunday, 5-8pm, Highland Lounge, 404 Colorado
  • TXST Innovation Lab, Sunday, 6:30-8:30pm, W
  • Taco Party March 13 6:30-8:30pm, 2nd floor conf 823 Congress, TX Tribune bldg
  • Tues, Interactive Awards,

March 21  

Evrybit discussion with Eric Ortiz


Panel Proposal

Analytics updates

April 4

What Worked and What Didn’t at SXSW 2017: Part 1 by Hugh Forrest

April 18

 Rest of March/April 

  • Follow up with impressions on site.
  • Follow up activity with SXSW
  • ISOJ at UT – April  21-22


End of semester

Create your own panel proposal for next year! You could be a speaker at SXSW.

SXSW Tweets